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About Sans Souci Speakers Club

How is the San Souci Speakers Club different to other clubs?

At Sans Souci Speakers Club (Solihull) you will learn the A to Z of effective communications. You can also use us as a sounding board for your business presentations, best man speech or any other aspect of public speaking and presentation skills that you would like to master.

The who of public speaking

Hilary Davis with trophies won by Sans Souci Speakers ClubSans Souci Speakers Club is a local club, based in Solihull with most of our members coming from Solihull, Coventry, Redditch, Birmingham, West Midlands and surrounding areas.

We are a mixed club with an approximate split of 50/50 male/female, all ages and all professions.

We are a member of The Association of Speakers Clubs and have been teaching presentation skills and public speaking for twenty-five years.

We are a well established club, but we keep totally up to date with the changing world of public speaking and presentation skills.

We don’t work miracles but we do take ordinary people like you and me and turn them into extraordinary public speakers.

The why of public speaking

Why would anyone willingly practise public speaking? We all know about the fear of public speaking, the shyness, the nerves, the absolute terror. But at Sans Souci we concentrate on the power of public speaking.

Imagine giving that presentation at work, delivering that best man speech or chairing that meeting at the golf club. Imagine simply feeling more confident and self-assured in everything you do.

Like we say, give yourself an unfair advantage, learn to speak in public…with confidence.

The how of public speaking

First of all, we provide a safe supportive and friendly environment, an environment conducive to mastering the art of public speaking. Then we give you the skills.

Through a structured programme you will master all aspects of public speaking:

  • How to organise a speech for maximum impact.
  • How to speak with emotion and passion.
  • How to use humour to soften a serious point.
  • How to add richness and interest to your voice.
  • How to forge a link with the audience.

You will concentrate on three areas:

Prepared speech imagePrepared speeches

A good speech should contain emotion, it should contain humour and most importantly it should contain a message. We’ll show you how to plan a speech, how to lay it out in a logical manner with an introduction, a development and a conclusion and how to prepare a script that doesn’t sound like a school essay. And we’ll even show you how to deliver it in a relaxed style.


Impromptu speech image

Impromptu speeches

We all give impromptu speeches every day of our lives. People ask about your holiday, what you do for a living or how to get to the local supermarket….. and you deliver a short impromptu speech giving all the information they need in a relaxed, friendly and animated manner. Once we have to give an impromptu speech in front of an audience….. we can’t think what to say or in what order to say it.  Don’t worry we’ll show you how to think on your feet and marshall your thoughts. You’ll never be lost for words again!


Chairmanship skills image

Chairmanship skills

How do you introduce a guest? How do you propose a vote of thanks? How do you thank a speaker and make a link to the next speaker? We’re beginning to delve into the black art of chairmanship skills….. a vital skill for any public speaker.  By watching more experienced club members you’ll learn how to do all of the above and get lots and lots of practice.

The where of public speaking

We are a local club and we meet locally at the West Warwickshire Sports Club, Olton, Solihull. Take a look at the map on our Venue page.

We meet in a modern air-conditioned room and there is plenty of free car parking in a well-lit area, which is covered by security cameras.

The when of public speaking

We meet alternate Wednesdays throughout the year, except August.
Meetings are 7 pm for 7.30 pm and finish around 10 pm.

For a full list of dates, visit our upcoming meetings page.