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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

“I just don’t have the confidence”

Maybe….. maybe not, but we find that people somehow find their confidence after they’ve delivered a couple of speeches. Believe me, it’s all about practice.

“I’m frightened to death of giving presentations and speaking in public”

We all were once, believe me, but we’ve had no fatalities yet! We can’t emphasise enough that you will be supported at every stage by people who know how it feels and you will be allowed to progress at your own pace.

Sans Souci Speakers Club gives anyone from Solihull, Birmingham or the West Midlands the chance to make that progress.

“I have a regional accent”

Great! So have most of our members. Everyone thinks of Solihull as posh, but not us! Forget the old image of public speaking being a form of elocution, that went out with flared trousers and hot pants …. my apologies if you still wear flared trousers and I wouldn’t mind hot pants making a comeback.

You’d be pushed to find a regional accent not represented at Sans Souci Speakers Club. We’ve got members from Solihull, Birmingham, Coventry and others from as far afield as Wales and Scotland.

“I don’t know how to put a speech or a presentation together”

None of us did when we started, but the ASC (Association of Speakers Clubs) provides a manual which sets it all out in easy steps – “The Speakers Guide”. And anyway the more experienced members of the club are always there to give you advice.

Plus….. there is lots and lots of information available about public speaking, just take a look at our public speaking books, websites and blogs page.

“I don’t have the time to attend regularly”

That’s OK. Just come along when you have the time. Many members do exactly that.

For a full list of dates, take a look at our upcoming meetings page

“I don’t know if I’ll like it”

No problem! Come along to a couple of our meetings as a guest and get a feel for things.

It won’t cost you a penny and it should give you time to make your mind up.

“Public Speaking courses are expensive”

Well yes….. and no. Public speaking courses can be expensive, but we are a non commercial non profit organisation and our membership fees are simply to cover the cost of room hire. For a full season, membership works out at about £5.00 a meeting!

Anything else?

I hope I’ve answered most of those niggling doubts, but if there is anything else that you would like to know, please contact us.

Why not join us?

If you really want to conquer your nerves and improve your public speaking and presentation skills….. why not sit down, take a deep breath ….. and contact us.