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Public Speaking Courses

Local and national courses are available

There are lots of great Public Speaking resources – and they will certainly help to improve your public speaking and presentation skills….. but….. and this is a big but….. at some stage you have to stop reading about public speaking and presentation skills or looking at the video of the pro and have a go yourself – you need a public speaking course.

If you Google Public Speaking Courses you get over 64 million results! Go on give it a go…….. fortunately, you don’t have to work your way through the results – I’ve done it for you.

Here are a few links to help you find somewhere to practise your public speaking and presentations for real and to get encouragement and feedback.

Public Speaking Tip: Get up and speak as often as you can.

“ Bob Orben talks about stage fright. He says… It’s not the stage that frightens me, it’s the audience….. Know exactly what you are going to say, memorise it, practise it and get up and give it as often as possible ” Bill Gove

Sans Souci Speakers Club (Solihull)

“If you live in the Solihull, Coventry, Birmingham, Redditch or West Midlands area then contact us at Sans Souci Speakers Club. We run an ongoing scheme of public speaking and presentation skills training throughout the year.

Our venue has excellent transport links within the Solihull and South Birmingham area.”

Association of Speakers Clubs

“If you don’t live in Sans Souci’s West Midlands catchment area then contact the Association of Speakers Clubs and find a club where you live”

Other Public Speaking Courses

“Another national site is Coaching UK, a site primarily for people who are looking for information on coaching in general, but it has a section on public speaking, presentation skills and coaching related links.”

“The Speakers Trust is a general site which, in their own words – is a charity that is dedicated to developing speaking skills throughout the UK and Ireland”

“If you want something a bit more intensive, then try the College of Public Speaking – most of the trainers have links with the ASC so we have no hesitation in recommending them “

Whichever path you take…..stick at it. And when you finally hit the big time, don’t forget this little website.

From Sans Souci Speakers Club (Solihull), we wish you well.